Appointed Professor
Title Name Education (Highest Degree) Research Interests
and Director
Yuh-Ming Lee

The Johns Hopkins University

Environmental Systems Analysis
Natural Resource and Environmental Management
Corporate Sustainability and Green House Gas Management

Professor Jin-Xu Lin    Ph.D.
National Chengchi University
Environmental and Resource Economics
Energy Economics
International Economics
Economic Modeling
Professor  Wan-Jiun Chen  

The Colorado State University

Ecological Economics
Economics of Climate Change
Environmental and Resource Economics
Assistant Professor Chih-Yu Wang   

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Ecological Engineering
Ecological Restoration
Non-point Source Pollution Management

Assistant Professor Yu-Lan Chien   

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics;
University of California, Davis (UCD)


Environmental Economics,
Resource Economics,
Applied Econometrics,
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Adjunct Professor
Chair Professor Young Ku Ph.D.
Purdue University
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management
Reaction Engineering
Ssu-li Chang Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Energy Economics
Public Economics
Decision Science

Associate Professor

Chiu-Lung Chu  

University of Colorado, Boulder

 Air Quality Control

Assistant Professor

Shu-Hui Hung  

National Taiwan University


Environmental Planning and Management
Life Cycle Assessment and Management

Assistant Professor

Chang-Erh Chou Ph.D.
University of Kansas
Environmental Economics
General Economics
Public Economics

Retired or departed professor

Professor Chiu-Yang Chen

Vanderbilt University

Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control
Environmental Impact Assessment
Resource Planning and Management
Green Technology and Sustainable Development
Professor Dai-Gee Shaw

University of Michigan

Natural Resource Economics
Policy and Management
Quantitative Economics
Professor Chang-Tay Chiou Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Public Policy
Public Management
Disaster and Crisis Management
Environmental Policy
Hakka Community Studies
Professor Chung-Huang Huang Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
Resource and Energy Economics
Agricultural and Environmental Economics
Associate Professor Pang,Yuan-Xun Ph.D.
Rutgers University
Water Pollution
Environmental System Modeling
Regional Planning
Pollution Management
Associate Professor Zin-Fei Lin Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Economic Mathematics
Personal Economics
Associate Professor Ying-Chu Chen

National Taiwan University

Sustainability and Disaster Prevention
Renewable Energy
Green Processes
Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor Ping-hung Chen Ph.D.
Washington State University
Air Quality Management
Soil and Groundwater Contamination Management
Hazardous Substance Management
Assistant Professor Hui-Ting Tang Ph.D.
National Taipei University
Sustainable Cities Policy
International Environmental Literature Analysis
Global Environmental Sustainability Indicators