Appointed Professor
Title Name Education (Highest Degree) Research Interests
Ssu-li Chang Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Energy Economics
Public Economics
Decision Science

and Director
Yuh-Ming Lee

The Johns Hopkins University

Environmental Systems Analysis
Natural Resource and Environmental Management
Corporate Sustainability and Green House Gas Management

Professor  Chien-Ming Lee  

National Chung Hsing University

Environmental Cost Accounting Analysis
Optimal Control Model Analysis
Climate Change Economy Analysis
Professor Jin-Xu Lin    Ph.D.
National Chengchi University
Environmental and Resource Economics
Energy Economics
International Economics
Economic Modeling
Assistant Professor Chih-Yu Wang   

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Ecological Engineering
Ecological Restoration
Non-point Source Pollution Management

Assistant Professor Yu-Lan Chien   

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics;
University of California, Davis (UCD)


Environmental Economics,
Resource Economics,
Applied Econometrics,
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Associate Professor

Chiu-Lung Chu  

University of Colorado, Boulder

 Air Quality Control

Assistant Professor

Shu-Hui Hung  

National Taiwan University


Environmental Planning and Management
Life Cycle Assessment and Management

Adjunct Professor
Professor Young Ku Ph.D.
Purdue University
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Management
Reaction Engineering

Assistant Professor

Chang-Erh Chou Ph.D.
University of Kansas
Environmental Economics
General Economics
Public Economics

Retired or departed professor

Professor Chiu-Yang Chen

Vanderbilt University

Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control
Environmental Impact Assessment
Resource Planning and Management
Green Technology and Sustainable Development
Professor Dai-Gee Shaw

University of Michigan

Natural Resource Economics
Policy and Management
Quantitative Economics
Professor Chang-Tay Chiou Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Public Policy
Public Management
Disaster and Crisis Management
Environmental Policy
Hakka Community Studies
Professor Chung-Huang Huang Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
Resource and Energy Economics
Agricultural and Environmental Economics
Associate Professor Pang,Yuan-Xun Ph.D.
Rutgers University
Water Pollution
Environmental System Modeling
Regional Planning
Pollution Management
Associate Professor Zin-Fei Lin Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Economic Mathematics
Personal Economics
Associate Professor Ying-Chu Chen

National Taiwan University

Sustainability and Disaster Prevention
Renewable Energy
Green Processes
Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor Ping-hung Chen Ph.D.
Washington State University
Air Quality Management
Soil and Groundwater Contamination Management
Hazardous Substance Management
Assistant Professor Hui-Ting Tang Ph.D.
National Taipei University
Sustainable Cities Policy
International Environmental Literature Analysis
Global Environmental Sustainability Indicators